Al joined Getty Images in 1993, became Chief Sports Photographer in North America in 2004, and is now a Special Sport Correspondent. His awards include those from World Press Photo, The Lucie Foundation, National Press Photographers Association, Pictures of the Year International, and The International Olympic Committee.


Maureen is a long time photo editor currently working at The New York Times.  She was the Founding Creative Director of The Players’ Tribune and former Deputy photo editor at Sports Illustrated. Maureen runs the ‘Women in Sports Photography’ instagram account and has been a producer at The Eddie Adams Workshop.


Jonathan’s early freelance clients included Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, NFL Properties, and others. He began shooting for Allsport USA in 1988, and he joined Getty Images in 2004. His work has appeared all over the world, and he has covered Super Bowls, World Series, NBA, MLS and NHL Championships.


A Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial and commercial photographer, Deanne is a Nikon Ambassador, represented in National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, and ESPN and other major outlets. She worked as a staff photographer at the San Francisco Chronicle for 18 years and is now represented by National Geographic Image Collection.


Elsa is a staff photographer for Getty Images covering sport. She is based in New York City and regularly covers events such as the Super Bowl, the World Series, FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games. Elsa began her career in 1996 with Allsport, and she was the first woman hired as a staff photographer by both Allsport and Getty Images.


Nate is currently VP; Head of Content at the Players’ Tribune, where he oversees all content for the brand. Prior to joining the Tribune he was Deputy Picture Editor at Sports Illustrated, where he led its photographic coverage at countless marquee events throughout the U.S. and abroad, including 14 World Series and 4 Olympics.


After beginning his photojournalism career with the the Los Angeles Times and San Diego Union-Tribune, Sean became a staff photographer for Getty Images in 2015. He has covered Olympic Games in Los Angeles, Sydney, Athens, Bejiing, Rio, Korea, and Sochi, and he has worked in the conflict zones of Northern Ireland, Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza Strip.


Ariele Goldman Hecht is the Chief Photographer and Senior Photography Editor for the New York Yankees. A pioneer for women in her field, fans of the Yankees have been seeing the team through Arie’s lens since 2005. Her baseball photos include game coverage, press conferences, spring training, postseasons, and All-Star Games.



Harry has been a staff photographer with Getty Images since 1997, after having earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. He has covered numerous Olympic Games, Super Bowls, Masters, British Open, US Open, World Series, Stanley Cup Final, NBA Championship even Elephant Polo in Nepal.


Rebecca is a freelance picture editor, primarily for the NHL & Getty Images. She spent 16 years on staff with Allsport Photography USA/Getty Images and has provided onsite and immediate distribution of pictures to wire service clients at major global sporting events. Currently, Rebecca leads the onsite editing team for NHL Images.



Jed is a San Francisco-based freelance photographer whose work has appeared in major publications including The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, and Time magazine. Jed’s commercial clients include Nike, Unilever and Apple, and his work has been awarded top prizes by World Press Photo and Pictures of the Year.

Marguerite Schropp

Marguerite is the picture editor for Sports Illustrated, where she focuses on the photography coverage of the NBA and NCAA basketball, and the director of photography for Sports Illustrated Kids and Sports Illustrated on Campus. She has edited for five Olympic Games, 21 NBA finals, and 21 NCAA basketball final fours.



Tom is an Dallas Texas-based award-winning photographer with a diverse background in hard news, conflict, human-interest stories and major sport coverage Tom has recently won top awards from NPPA Best of Photojournalism, POYi, Pro Football Hall of Fame Photo of the Year, and National Motorsports Press Association.


Christian is an editorial photographer based in Arizona. Hired in 2001 by Getty Images, Christian has worked as a field editor and photographer across the globe. Specializing in sports, he has covered major events including summer/winter Olympics, world athletics, golf, world series, NHL finals, NBA finals and countless other events.


An award-winning photographer, Jen shoots regularly for the National Basketball Association, United States Tennis Association, JP Morgan Chase, Walgreens, Memorial Sloan Kettering and countless others. She is a founding partner at Drawbridge Digital, a woman and veteran owned full spectrum technology solutions company.


A staff photojournalist for the Denver Post, Helen covers sports, breaking news, and specializes in wildfire coverage. She has covered Olympic Games, the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the 2004-05 tsunami in Indonesia and Thailand; the death of Pope John Paul II; and the effects of AIDS and lack of water in African nations.


Bedel is an Emmy-nominated producer and award-winning photographer and videographer with more than 30 years experience developing award winning content for The New York Times and other news outlets like ESPN. Bedel has covered 17 Olympic Games as well as Grand Slam Tennis events, Super Bowls, World Cups and other major sporting events.

Marcio J.

Marcio is a Pulitzer Prize-winning staff photographer who has been with the Associated Press in Los Angeles since 2002. He was among a group of 10 AP photographers who were awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography for coverage of Black Lives Matter demonstrations throughout the U.S. in 2021.


Getty Images Chief Photographer, Ezra has been a staff photographer for Getty since 1998, and his assignments have included Winter and Summer Olympic Games, the Super Bowl, World Series, World Cup, and the Tour de France. He has won awards by World Press Photo, NPPA Pictures of the Year, World Photography Awards, and Pictures of the Year International.


Jamie is a staff photographer for Getty Images who has covered many top international events including Super Bowls, World Series, NBA and Stanley Cup Finals, Golf and Tennis Majors, Kentucky Derbys, World Cup Soccer, and 11 Olympic Games. He often shoots on assignment for editorial clients including The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, ESPN Magazine, and Sports Illustrated.

Matthew Stockman

Matthew joined the Allsport agency in 1994 where he first served as an editor, then as a photographer. It was there that he first met Doug and his family – Bettyann, Devan, and two bad dogs, He has covered numerous events with an emphasis on tennis, including over 30 Grand Slams. Covering sport has taken him all over the world, his last posting being in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.


Maxx is Getty Images’ Director of Photography for the Americas. His career at Getty has taken him to major events all over the world. He recently led the Getty Images team at his 13th Super Bowl and will play a leading role at his seventh Olympic games in July 2021. Through his work with many sports leagues, Maxx possesses a deep institutional knowledge of the industry.