bettyann heppler

As Doug Pensinger’s wife of 25 years, Bettyann saw him answer nearly every incoming phone call from a photographer colleague and share his professional knowledge, lend his support or advice in order to help with the concern at hand. He did not protect his hard-earned knowledge of the editorial sport photography world. Instead, he chose to move the profession forward by sharing what he learned.  

After Doug’s untimely death at age 51 due to a heart arrythmia, Bettyann was inspired by hearing so many other photographers speak of Doug’s willingness to teach, mentor others and support those coming up behind him that she felt compelled to start a nonprofit that would honor Doug’s spirit of creating a community that promoted both connections and learning in a field where competition often dominates. And like Doug, add a tinge of fun whenever possible.

Bettyann has her own 23-year career as a nurse-midwife. Non-traditional work hours for both Bettyann and Doug added extra challenges to parenting their daughter Devan. However, they both shared dedication and passion for their chosen professions and even greater dedication to their family, and the balancing act was well worth the effort. Their amazing daughter is also on the Board of DPPF.