devan pensinger

Devan is the daughter of Doug Pensinger. She is currently beginning her career in the natural resource field and has worked as a botanist, ecologist, and snow scientist since graduating with a degree in conservation biology.

She was incredibly fortunate to have grown up with parents who fostered her love of the outdoors and sense of curiosity. Devan and Doug shared many days in the backcountry of Colorado mountain biking, skiing, and camping; then many nights seeing rock shows in theaters across Denver. He was dedicated to his career, but he was determined to play just as hard as he worked.

 Doug showed Devan the way to make a positive impact in the lives of people around you is to build a career around something you are passionate about. He continued to improve upon his skills over a 30+ year career, inspired those around him to bring their best work forward, and was also genuinely willing to share knowledge for the betterment of the larger community. Devan could not be more excited to bring her father’s legacy to life through the DPPF programs.