2020 Grantee Brandon GallegoThis week we feature photographer Brandon Gallego, a student athletics photographer for Louisiana State University.

Brandon’s photography career started in high school when he was asked to cover the football team’s home games, and his love for dramatic action, emotion, and unique angles is what drew him to apply for a sports photographer position at LSU.

“During my senior year I took a chance by asking LSU’s Athletics department if I could photograph a home game,” Brandon remarks. “To my surprise they said yes. I was ecstatic and took full advantage of the opportunity. I believe this was the moment that I knew I wanted to be a sports photographer.”

Over the past two years, Brandon has covered almost every kind of sporting event, from the 2020 College Football Playoffs to NCAA and SEC Championships in Track & Field, Beach Volleyball, and Gymnastics. In addition to covering live sporting events he also enjoys taking dramatic sport portraits with a mixture of both natural and artificial light.

Brandon remarks on the photo above:
This frame was from the first basketball game I shot at LSU. I had recently learned how to do in-camera double exposures. While shooting the second half from the catwalk, I got a shot of Javonte making a free throw and remembered that I had also taken a nice closeup shot during pregame. The framing lined up perfectly and made an image that I was really proud of.

Brandon received a $1,000 equipment grant from the DPPF. He plans to use the grant funds to purchase new camera and lighting equipment that will help him with his sports portraits and action photos.

https://www.brandongallego.com   |   Instagram @brandongallegophotography  |  https://dougpensingerphotographyfund.org/grants/brandon-gallego/