DPPF Grant Winner Anna Szilágyi lives in Budapest, Hungary, where she works as a freelance sports photographer and is studying for a Masters of Sport Management at the University of Physical Education. More about Anna

Anna shares back stories of two photos from her winning portfolio.

I took this photo during a taekwondo training for Budapest Honvéd Sports Club I work for. The marketing department wanted to have a photo for a poster for children’s summer camp. I remember that this training hall was very messy with low light, so I tried to find a space with a plain background, I decided to use my remote flash but I didn’t have any stands with me to put the flash on, so I just put it on the ground and adjusted it to the right angle with my hat. Then I asked the boy to kick. Both the coach and the athlete were helpful, so we were ready basically in 15 minutes.

I covered the FIE Fencing World Championships in my city, Budapest in 2019 as an intern for the online newspaper Index.hu. It was a really great experience for me, I spent as much time at this event as I could to gain some experience and improve. At this moment Nathalie Moellhausen just became world champion in women’s épée.
The DPPF is thrilled to be able to further Anna’s promising career!