When he received a DPPF grant in 2022, Jeff had just completed a fellowship as a Military Veterans in Journalism Fellow at NPR. He received degrees in journalism from the University of Oregon and interned with the Cincinnati Enquirer.


Jeff shares back stories of two photos from his grant-winning portfolio.

Being an Iraq War veteran I’m always drawn to the flag and how we use it in civilian life. I know for some people the national anthem can seem repetitive with all of the events we are covering, but even to this day I still feel emotional when I hear it and think about my friends who died for this nation and were buried underneath that particular flag. I always strive to examine the relationship between people and the flag when I’m out and about and thought this was an interesting moment at the Big Ten gymnastics championships.

I had the opportunity to cover the NWSL Championship last year in Louisville and was really lucky with how great the light was for this attempt on goal. Soccer has such an ebb and flow to it, I’ve found that I enjoy following the build up and being prepared for that quick moment of action and reaction

The DPPF is thrilled to be able to further Jeff’s promising career!