DPPF Grant Winner Katelyn Mulcahy is a freelance sports photographer in Los Angeles, primarily working for Getty Images Sport, covering the NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA, and more. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan Ann-Arbor. More about Katelyn

Katelyn shares back stories of two photos from her winning portfolio.

I waited all day for this image. I love hunting for light when I’m at outdoor venues, especially at this horse track. I was shooting races and searching for features throughout the day. I had been at this track multiple times before but the races either never went late enough to get this light or the clouds were blocking the golden light. This was the last race of the day, and while I wasn’t responsible for shooting it, I knew the light would work well if the clouds would finally go away. I waited and waited and eventually the sun started poking through the clouds and I got my shot. If it taught me anything, it’s that patience pays off!

I was working in Houston covering the Astros and Yankees in the ALCS in 2019. I wasn’t assigned a position on the field so I got the chance to roam the stadium throughout the game. Towards the end, I went to the first base side above the field to be ready if Houston won. I was in that position for a few minutes waiting when Jose Altuve went up to bat. Always hard to predict if a hit will go out or be caught on the track, but I had been covering the Astros for the season and knew that hit was a home run. The minute the ball was hit, I could feel the shift in the stadium and started shooting. The silhouette of the fans, Altuve rounding the corner, other teammates running in, the confetti falling and the fireworks going off from the train track all coincided with a bit of luck to make this frame.
Katelyn considers this photo one of her best pictures from her time at the University of Michigan, and we definitely agree.
The DPPF is thrilled to be able to further Katelyn’s promising career!