Luke is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communication & media at the University of Michigan, where he works at Michigan Photography. He will graduate in May of 2024. Previously, he worked as the summer photography intern for the National Football League in Los Angeles.

Luke used his DPPF grant to buy a Nikon Z9. He is also the recipient of a DPPF mentorship with Marcio Sanchez and Arie Goldman Hecht.

Luke shares back stories for two of the photographs in his grant-winning portfolio.

Michigan has had a very good football program the past two years, and with some of our players in contention for post-season awards we’ve had some extra time to work on portraits. This image of Blake Corum uses rear-curtain sync and about 1/2 a second long shutter to add the blur behind him.

I’m lucky to have a large sports city about 45 minutes away from where I go to school, and even luckier to get some assignments from those events. This particular image came from a preseason NFL game between the Lions and the Jaguars. I really like how long the jersey is being pulled and it immediately stood out to me as something different.

The DPPF is thrilled to be able to further Luke’s promising career!