Misper is a freelance photographer based in Accra, Ghana. She graduated from the University of Cape Coast with a BSC in Marketing, and her work focuses on women and sports. She received a DPPF grant in 2022.


Misper shares back stories of two photos from her portfolio.

I knew I wanted to photograph female athletes in their element, doing what they loved and their daily lives, but I wasn’t sure how to get in touch with these athletes. I started by reaching out to local sports clubs and asking if I could photograph their athletes. That’s how I met Ramatu Quaye. She’s a boxer and a mother of one, and she trains at a small gym in Jamestown, Accra.⁠
I took many photos of her on our second meeting, but this one was my favourite. I love her posture, and I love the light on her forehead. The inscription on the wall said, “No Pain, No Gain.” And I truly believe that.⁠
This photo is part of my ongoing project on fighting stereotypes in women’s sports in Ghana. Ramatu is proving that women can be whatever they want to be regards of all the stereotypes they encounter.

It was the tenth year of the Rugby league in Ghana, and to mark the occasion, the Ghana national Rugby League team played a friendly game against the Oxford University Rugby League Football Club. ⁠
I had heard that Rugby was a very physical sport until I watched this match; I never thought it was to this extent.⁠
I was happy to be there to watch and photograph the match, and I learnt a few basics about the sport. However, I won’t say it was exciting to shoot because the game was so physical.


The DPPF is thrilled to be able to further Misper’s promising career!