A 2023 DPPF grant recipient, Sara is a freelance photographer based on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Initially a self-taught landscape photographer, Sara now spends most of her time photographing sports, with a heavy focus on mountain biking.


Sara shares back stories for two photographs from her grant-winning portfolio.

This image of mountain biker Jakob Jewett was taken at the 2023 Canadian DH Championships last summer. With the composition I wanted to incorporate some of the excitement of the spectators while keeping the focus on the rider. To get a clear shot without the course tape interfering, I had to hold my camera near the ground and view the scene through my articulated LCD screen, (laying on the ground and using my viewfinder would have been easier, but I had to stay in a squat as some riders blew out in the corner so I had to stay very mobile). I used my 70-200mm for added compression between the athlete and the fans

This shot was taken one dreary fall day not too far from my house. I wanted to experiment with some low angle splash shots, so had my husband ride his bike through this giant puddle that we found. I was laying on my stomach with my wide angle lens close to the ground, and had a towel draped over my camera. It took a few attempts to get an image where the biker was visible enough through the puddle splash, but I finally got one that I liked. I then had to go home and hose myself off.

The DPPF is thrilled to be able to further Sara’s promising career.