DPPF Grant Winner Silas Walker is from Portland, Oregon and is currently based in Lexington, Kentucky. He graduated from Western Kentucky University of 2020 with a BA in Photojournalism, and interned with the Lexington Herald-Leader. More about Silas

Silas shares back stories of three photos from his winning portfolio.

I was featuring hunting at a bike park in Salt Lake City. The sun started setting and really highlighting the mountains in the background. If you can clean up the background for a silhouette it is so much better.

WKU was coming off a loss to Louisville before this game and this victory ended up being a bit of a turning point for the team. After they won most of the team ran across the field to celebrate with fans near the opposing team bench. I saw this player start to spray water and quickly got in front of him before the opposing team equipment manager took the water away from them.

This was one of the last turf races of the day and one of my first times setting up horse racing remotes for myself. I just got really lucky with the positioning of the winning horse and the light at the finish line.
The DPPF is thrilled to be able to further Silas’s promising career!