A 2022 DPPF grant recipient, Wei-Chih is an underwater photographer based on Green Island on the east coast of Taiwan. He is a former free-diving instructor, and his photos are taken within the timespan of a single breath.⁠


Wei-Chih shares the back stories for two photographs in his grant-winning portfolio.

Finless diving has become an essential skill for learning to free dive. The sport of free diving has developed rapidly in recent years, and many different variations have become popular. In finless diving, different works can be created based on the characteristics of the diving sites.

Diver: PoFeng Wu

Free diving has developed rapidly in recent years, as has the portrayal of mermaids. Now there are many more systems of training, making mermaid diving safer and more effective to try and to perform.

Diver: Afa Zhang

The DPPF is thrilled to be able to further Wei-Chih’s promising career.