abbie parr

Abbie Parr is a freelance sports photographer in Seattle, Washington. She has a passion for creating sports images that capture unique elements while telling the story of the game.

Abbie began her career as a photographer for the Colorado State University school newspaper and athletic department. Her junior year of college she joined the Colorado Rockies as an Assistant Team Photographer. Shortly after graduating college, Abbie moved to New York City for eight months to intern for Getty Images Sport. After her internship, Abbie moved to Seattle to begin her freelance career as a sports photographer. In 2018, Abbie was picked as one of six photographers by the International Olympic Committee to photograph the Youth Olympics in Argentina while being mentored by their world class photographers.

Abbie received a $1,000 equipment grant from the DPPF. The Doug Pensinger Photography Fund gives Abbie the opportunity to learn from photographers like Doug who always strive to differentiate themselves from others. The funds provide her more resources to buy equipment that will help her continue her passion to create storytelling sports images while applying unique lighting and elements. Abbie looks forward to honoring Doug by using the fund’s resources to continue to better herself as a photographer and never stop taking photos.


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