gallery tests



This is the only gallery I’ve found that mixes portrait and landscape without cropping. Disadvantages are that I can’t seem to control the order or placement of the photos, and the portrait images show up much larger than the landscape.

Final Tiles Gallery id=2 does not exist


The native DIVI galleries (what our website is built on) don’t allow you to mix portrait and landscape without cropping the portrait images. I can separate them out (as below), but once the slideshow it triggered on the landscape photos, it doesn’t include the portrait ones. Seems that it’s likely they’d be overlooked. I can control the order of images on these galleries, though.

DIVI GALLERY 3-column –

Same thing as above but in 3 columns

Divi Gallery with Crops –

Currently working on this, trying to get it to incoporate a less clunky landscape crop of the portrait images. I think I’ve done it, but they haven’t propagated everywhere yet. Not ideal to have the portrait images show up initially in an altered fashion.


This is the slider we used last year. Because there’s no gallery in front of it, it will only ever show a single photo without being activated.

We also had some feedback that it was problematic because 1) the image doesn’t quite fit on a typical laptop screen (3 of us spent a fair amount of time last year trying to solve this problem, and short of a website revamp with a different platform, we couldn’t figure it out), and 2) for some reason the placeholder first image is shrunk from side-to-side on tablet view (this might be fixable if we decide to go with the slider.)