katelyn mulcahy

Katelyn Mulcahy is a Los Angeles-based freelance sports photographer. After graduating from the University of Michigan Ann-Arbor, she worked with the MLB and NFL in Houston, covering the 2019 Playoffs and World Series. Chosen for a Getty Images internship in February 2020, her work has been featured in outlets including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, and USA Today.

Katelyn enjoys making images beyond the field, behind the scenes, and beneath the action — fan features, preparation, training, and all that goes into what we see in an arena or field.  

Katelyn was also the recipient of a year-long mentorship with the DPPF, and she will be working primarily with photographer Jed Jacobsohn. She previously received a $1,000 equipment grant from the DPPF in 2020 and plans to use the 2021 funds on career development and lighting gear.


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