tim nwachukwu

Tim Nwachukwu is a Washington, D.C.-based independent photographer. He hails from Louisville, Kentucky and is a product of the Missouri School of Journalism. Growing up seeing Muhammad Ali’s impact, the Kentucky Derby, and the Louisville Cardinals/Kentucky Wildcats rivalry first piqued his interest in understanding athletic competition beyond the final score.

Tim’s Nigerian roots and previous work covering college sports championships across the U.S. pushed him to further explore what makes sports a cultural and socio-economic foundation of communities. His ultimate goal is to show humanity’s uniqueness and similarities so that our vast world becomes more accessible, understanding, and empathetic.

The recipient of a $1,000 equipment from the DPPF, Tim invested in a portable lighting kit from Roberts Camera. He is excited and thankful to have an opportunity to develop his portraiture work and expand his storytelling skills.


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