2022-2023 mentors

Just announced: The Advisory Board members who will mentor selected 2022 grantees are Elsa Garrison, Tom Pennington, and Jennifer Pottheiser. To apply for a 2022 grant and mentorship, start here.

2021-2022 mentors

Deanne Fitzmaurice


Jed Jacobsohn


2021-2022 Mentorship Recipients

Katelyn Mulcahy



Mentorships are awarded as part of the annual grant application process.


Mentees will be paired with mentors after being selected, and individual mentees may work with one or more mentors during the course of the year-long program (from October 2021 – September 2022).

The expectation is that the grantee and mentor collaborate together to form a personalized plan for the grantee for the year to aid in goals specific to them. This may include but is not limited to:

  • development of a personalized photo project or photo story; honing story-telling skills, with the end result being a set of pictures to be published at the end of the term
  • structuring a more efficient work flow
  • perfecting their portfolio, website, resume; help with Interview skills
  • networking and introductions to others on the DPPF advisory board or within the industry who might aid in advancing their career
  • discussions and instruction about equipment or technical photographic skills
  • assistance with the business side of the job: how to invoice, contracts, etc.
  • advice on real work experience: assisting jobs, credentials, coverage of a live event


Awardees and mentors will sign and adhere to the DPPF Code of Conduct.

The DPPF will solicit feedback from both awardees and mentors at regular intervals throughout the year. A member of the DPPF administration will always be available for support for all participants.